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A good graphics card from chip output to the end of your machine parts, need to experience a lot of procedures. Before you buy a video card, the video card must go through three rounds of testing and finally sold to the end user. Below, we through the research and development, production, quality inspection and other introduction of a Suotai graphics card, so that we clearly understand how manufacturers to ensure the quality of the graphics card factory.


The birth of graphics card can be divided into the following parts: research and development, debugging, product verification, mass production, quality inspection. Among them, design, research and development, product verification belongs to the preliminary work, is to ensure that the graphics card has high quality of the root factor.


After debugging by hardware engineers, product specifications and materials have been determined. Before mass production, Whitefish shark will carry out TR (trial machine), MP (small batch production) process, using the r & D part of the complete debugging program, production of 100~200 pieces for QE product verification engineering (high temperature test, four corners test, continuous reliability test, MTBF life acceleration test), find out the defects on the graphics card to modify the material.

It is important to introduce the QE product verification project here, because it is an important step to simulate the actual working environment of the graphics card.

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MTBF life acceleration test

Simulate the aging phenomenon of the graphics card in the actual use environment. Through the specific calculation formula in a short time test environment to simulate the use of video card 5 years later. The options include hot and humid aging and hot air aging.


55 ℃ / 90% humidity (high temperature test)

The test of high load of graphics card in high temperature environment, especially for the preset overclocking version products of Suotai listed in China, especially for the supreme version of large overclocking graphics card, through the high temperature test, we can select the products with better overclocking constitution.


High and low temperature impact test

Fast switching between -55℃-125℃, to test the physical characteristics of the graphics card welding, high and low temperature adaptation of components.


Quadrangle limit test

The graphics card is tested under four limit states of high temperature and high pressure, high temperature and low pressure, low temperature and high pressure. Find out which use conditions the graphics card is defective in order to improve the adaptability of the graphics card to deviate from the normal use of the environment.


Low temperature test

Use the instrument to set the running environment of the graphics card as -5℃-5 ℃, in order to verify whether the graphics card runs normally in low temperature for a long time (especially for the graphics card power supply module, some audions or capacitors in low temperature will appear the first startup function is abnormal, need to restart two or three times to normal, followed by the video memory).


Continuous reliability test

For the mining machine graphics cards sold in China, due to the preset large overclocked, in order to ensure that these high-frequency products for DIY fever players are at a high level of quality, each piece must be tested by high temperature chamber (45℃), using high load software such as 3DMark to continuously run the machine test, to ensure the stability of the graphics cards under high frequency.

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Although the above QE verification also includes the fan test, the data obtained from the statistics of the repair part: the fault of the graphics card is mainly focused on the performance of the screen spluttering and unstable operation, and there are a few complaints focused on the problem of the noise of the fan. And 70% of the reasons for these failures and the heat dissipation system has a direct or indirect relationship, because the heat dissipation is not smooth, resulting in overheating chip instability or damage.

Even with a perfect testing process, it is impossible to test every single video card in practice, especially for low-end and mid-range products that ship in large quantities. The standardized production process can ensure that the quality of the graphics card body is at a higher level, but the cooling fan needs to use the products of various suppliers, and the probability of individual differences is relatively higher, so the quality of the cooling system is the main reason for the failure of the graphics card.


There are two main causes of fan failure. The first is that the use environment is poor, dust accumulation leads to fan shutdown, and a large amount of heat accumulates to damage the graphics card. The second is the dust into the fan bearing, so that the graphics card speed is reduced, the start noise is huge, the lower speed is not enough to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the graphics card, after years of use, the graphics card is damaged.


In the production end to strengthen the quality control, do a good job of inspection and testing, can greatly reduce the probability of product failure, avoid users to repair the product caused by inconvenience.

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